Use Facebook as Your Page

Facebook is introducing major updates to page features and page admin visibility. Now you can use Facebook as your (fan)page name. When you comment on your page’s discussion or on any other friend activities, your name will be shown on that activity. But if you set to ‘use Facebook as page’ option then instead of your name, your page name will shown on your comments and other activities. Here is step by step and full guide to use this feature with its usage and drawbacks:

Steps to Login as your Facebook page:

There are two ways to switch between ‘page mode’ and your default ‘profile mode’ options.

By using Profile settings:

Login to your Facebook account.
Click on the ‘Account >> Use Facebook as Page’ option
switch facebook as page option

A pop-up window will open with listing of all your pages.
Switch facebook fan page
Click on Switch button next to the page you want to use as profile page.
You can switch back to old interface by selecting ‘Account >> Switch back to [Your name]‘.

From your Page:

Open your Facebook page which you want to use Facebook as Page feature.
Click on the link on Right sidebar (or admin panel) which shows “Use Facebook as [your page name]“.
use facebook as page feature
You can switch back to old settings by clicking on ‘Use Facebook as [your name]‘.

Benefits of using Facebook as page:

Anything you do while using Facebook as your Page will appear on Facebook as coming from your Page.
You can view notifications of Page activity and new fans on your page through the top navigation bar. The friend requests icon changed to display new fans and the notifications icon changes to display new activity on your Page. So you can control all of your page activity easily.
You can “like” other Pages, share from other Pages to your Page, and comment on posts by other Pages, as your Page. All of your activity have your page name instead of your name.
Drawbacks of this option:

Facebook as page option provides various features but there are some activities you can’t do with activating this.
You couldn’t interact with any personal profile that has privacy setting enabled; even if you are in his/her friend list. You could only share from your profile to your own Page. According to Facebook, it’s only possible for you to comment on profiles as your Page if a person allows everyone on Facebook to comment on their posts.
You couldn’t use this feature by any phone browser.