Top Mobile Apps For Social Media Marketers

Majority of tech junkies from this generation are found to spend most of their time tinkering with their smartphones and tablet devices. In fact, recent studies revealed that more than 70 percent of consumers use their mobile devices to access the Internet when searching for urgent information – such as locations of gas stops or nearby bistros for midnight noshing.

But buyers are not the sole dependents of smartphone Internet access. Numerous online entrepreneurs are also crafting mobile versions of their websites to widen their span on their niche. One can say that the process of building mobile web can be tricky, as developers are required to lessen the weight of data for loading speed without necessarily sacrificing content and usability.

Most fledgling entrepreneurs opt to go around this hassle, and instead utilize social media for mobile marketing. But even them needs trusty set of mobile apps to simplify their tasks.

What to Look for in Apps for Mobile Social Network Marketing:

In the process of searching for mobile apps, a social media marketer should find programs that can endow them with continuous access to the platform, which can dramatically increase productivity and sales lead.

There are various types of apps that cater to social marketers on the go. Some are designed to allow users to receive updates on their page and activities of their consumers – from articles read to other pages visited. With thousands of apps placed in the market on a daily basis, it’s not possible to run out of choices.

Yet this volume may also cause you to be torn among too many a choice. To save time and risks from app trial and error, it is vital to look for programs that earned thumbs ups from experienced social media businessmenHere’s a list of the top five social media marketing apps. These are the common topics of blog posts, forums, and reviews..

Here’s a list of the top five social media marketing apps. These are the common topics of blog posts, forums, and reviews.

Analystics App:

Most of those who work online are one-man team. As such, they juggle marketing strategies, communicating with consumers and monitoring sales, traffic, bounce rates, etc. For the very reason, analytics apps became an instant favorite among entrepreneurs. It comes with series of features that can provide up to 55 reports, and data organized in 110 rows.

Flip Board:

Keeping up with consumer activities are made fun by this app as it arranges news, photos, videos, and updates of anyone included in the contacts list in a magazine layout. Social media contents are therefore easy to scan and entertaining to peruse.

Home Base:

HomeBase is an entrepreneur’s virtual “megaphone.” It allows users to blast announcements and integrate links (or photos) in the messages posted in different social sites. For businessmen who want to achieve recall and better consumer relations, this could be the best partner.


Tailored after structure of iOs devices, this app can be an ideal media tool to those who barely have time to post updates about the brand or products. HootSuite allows users to set a schedule for the posting of announcements and messages on twiiter, Facebook and Foursquare. Plus, it can track stats, monitor keywords, and watch #hashtags (for trending topics).


This combines the functionality of tab browsers found in iPad with the app features. As a result, businessmen can access their existing accounts or create new ones without hassle. LastPass can secure passwords, and provide a form filler that makes online shopping faster on the iPad.