Top 10 Facebook Games for October 2010

Facebook is most popular social network available on the internet now. More than 60 Million of users worldwide uses this service to connect their family, friends or other people’s. But actually, Facebook is more than just meeting with your old friends or family members. In database it have many available applications and games which you can play and use completely free.

Here we are giving you a list of games shorted by most monthly active users.

1. FarmVille : 59,442,690 monthly active users
Over a year, Farmville retains its first place in games category. Come on down to the Farm today and play with your friends. They got plenty of land for everyone. Come and see what everyone is hooting’ and hollering’ about. It is developed by Zynga.

2. Texas HoldEm Poker: 36,254,411 monthly active users
Another game by Zynga. The world’s largest Texas Hold’Em Poker game with over 6 million players each day. Play with friends or meet people from around the world. Get FREE chips every day that you play.

3. FrontierVille: 30,564,122 monthly active users
FrontierVille is a new game from Zynga, maker of great games like FarmVille, Zynga Poker, and Mafia Wars. Build a home in the wilderness, raise a family, and watch out for bears in this new free game. If you are in love with Zynga games? You’ll love FrontierVille too.

4. Cafe World : 21,932,461 monthly active users
Cafe World is a game where you’re in charge of your restaurant. Choose from dozens of dishes, then slice, chop, sauté and bake your way to the top of the culinary world.
Cafe World game developed by Zynga, the maker of FarmVille & Mafia Wars games.

5. Mafia Wars Game :21,901,887 monthly active users
Join your friends and more than 25 million other players in Mafia Wars, the world’s most popular crime game. Build alliances, amass property, and fight mobs of enemies in games of power and deception.

6. Treasure Isle : 15,246,763 monthly active users
Explore the exotic locales of Zynga’s Treasure Isle as you hunt for lost jewels and artifacts. Design a tropical oasis on your very own private island. Sail to neighboring islands and unearth buried treasure to share with friends.

7. MindJolt Games : 12,859,819 monthly active users
At MindJolt Games you can play any of the Arcade, Puzzle, Strategy and Sports games they offer for free. Challenge your friends or play by yourself. Either way, you’re sure to have hours of fun.

8. Happy Aquarium : 12,631,061 monthly active users
Rated A+ fun for everyone. You can play with fishes, feed them, eat smaller one by big one’s and lot more.

9. Pet Society : 12,553,800 monthly active users
In the world of Pet Society you and your pet can have a great time. You can play games, decorate your house and even bring gifts for your friends when you visit them. Play now and share the fun with everyone.

10. Bejeweled Blitz : 11,847,948 monthly active users
A special version of the world’s most popular game created just for Facebook. Match as many gems as you can in one minute. Compete with your friends in weekly tournaments. Bejeweled Blitz, celebrating 10 years of Bejeweled. Created by PopCap Games.

Zynga, a Facebook games developer company made 5 in 10 most played Facebook games. Stay connected with your friends and family with fun on Facebook.