The Best 4 Torrent Clients for Windows and Mac

Today to download almost any media like music, videos, movies, games, software, people are always preferring to download through torrent file sharing, no matter whether its pirate material or even illegal. Nonetheless, for those who wish to download through torrents, still want the download to go through rapidly. So for that they certainly require the most appropriate torrent clients and the best five for both the Windows and Mac are listed below.

1. Tixati
WinMiX OpenNap are the creators of quite the latest torrent program client which is known as Tixati and it in fact seems rather sleek. As a torrent client of today the software is advanced and appears to be sophisticated as well. For the swarming process, Tixati does it all trackerless, rather utilizing PEX, DHT and magnet links. The client is itself in fact swarming with features and there are numerous adjustments that can be made to the torrent client as well. For any P2P user, utilizing this torrent client would surely be a pleasing experience for them and so Tixati is surely worth trying as a competent torrent client.

2. uTorrent
Micro torrent is another name for the ‘u-torrent’ client that is rather quite a popular torrent client program today. As far as functionality is concerned, uTorrent is equipped with a lot which would cater the needs of any torrent downloader. uTorrent seems capable at downloading torrents and its performance at seeding also seems very impressive too. Yet, having uTorrent, even while it is downloading torrents, does not slow down your computer or Mac, which is quite ideal.

3. Vuze
The Vuze torrent client was formerly also known as Azureus, in fact it was quite popular by names such as Lexus and bloatware. Nonetheless, Vuze is a huge torrent client program as far as the features are concerned even if you might not get to use them all. A notable thing about the Vuze program is that you can even play media through it as well, including hearing music and watching videos. Vuze in fact even comes as an application that could be used for media playing on an iPhone as well. Thus from all that has been mentioned here it would certainly seem that Vuze is quite a powerful torrent client and it surely is true, so you would definitely want to give it a try.

4. Deluge Torrent
Good things have in fact quite widely been said about the Deluge torrent client program. The design of the client’s interface rather seems quite sleek and it notably offers detailed statistics regarding the torrents you might be downloading through it. Alike numerous torrent clients, this one is free too and could be easily taken benefit of.

Thus in one way or the other all of these torrent clients would seem efficient at rapidly downloading torrents. Thus if you are not concerned about the legal issues, you could surely give one of them a try by downloading a torrent and check how they perform. Limewire is one of those which doesn’t deserve the spot in top 4 as it has been known to be vulnerable to give a poor filtering of viruses, and many computers have been affected with viruses through files that were downloaded using Limewire.