Shake Your Android Phone To Refresh Tweets – Twidroyd App

Do you want to refresh your tweets by shaking your Android phone or view Live preview of links and media which are in between tweets? There’s a full-featured Twitter client for your Android device, Twidroyd. With 30+ features and multi-lingual support to over 16 languages, you can use this app whenever and wherever you want updates from your friends and followers.

App comes in two versions Free and Pro. The only difference in these versions is, Free version is supported by promotional ads and Pro version have the newest features. This app runs on Android 2.0 or greater versions and comes with API for applications support to other developers.

Twidroyd Features:

Multi-account support with merged and single view.
View postings, mentions and direct messages in separate tabs.
LivePreview of links and media through split screen.
Shake your phone to refresh tweets in timeline.
Follow and Unfollow button after names of twitter users.
Native retweet & retweet with comments.
Additional option to post your tweets to your connected Facebook account.
Mute users to hide them from timeline for a certain time.
URL shortening with native support to
photo, video posting directly from your android browser with geo-location support.
Multiple viewing option of landscape and timeline view.
Support for future Twitter features.
Apart from the listed features there are many more to explore and new features are added frequently. Twidroyd can be downloaded from Android markets and partner stores. If you like features of this app give a try to it using this