Right Way to Install Firefox Add-ons from Mozilla Website

Browsers Mozilla Firefox is one of the best and fastest growing web browser in market. Apart from faster browsing speed, highly secure platform, Firefox is widely used for its Add-ons support. Among web developers and bloggers community, Firefox is always the first priority of web browser. The whole credit goes to its thousands of add-on support which are built for web developers, bookmarking, social-media addicts and lot more.

What are Firefox Add-ons:

Add-ons are worked as a plugin in WordPress blog which enhances the features of the blog. In Firefox you can add new features and changes the way your browser or application works. Firefox add-on gallery has thousands of add-ons which are downloaded more than 2.3 billion times. This gallery is categorised into alerts, appearance, bookmarking, download managers, feed, games, media management, security, social media and web development options.

Installing Firefox add-ons:

Installation of Firefox add-ons can be done by two ways, by Mozilla add-on site or directly from Firefox web browser.

From Mozilla add-on website:
Go to the Firefox add-on gallery website.
Browse for add-ons by category basis. If you know the name of add-on then search for it using search bar at top-right corner.
how to search addon on firefox site

After finding right add-on from the gallery, check for compatibility with your Firefox version, Reviews about that add-on and weekly downloads. I suggest you not to install incompatible add-ons as they can have security breaches with your current version. Also weekly downloads and reviews about add-on indicates about reliability and functionality of add-on.
check compatibility of firefox add-on

After checking compatibility click on the green “Add to Firefox” button.
This action opens a pop-up window with a 5 seconds timer for preparing installation process.add-on installer timer
Click on the Install button. Another add-on installation window will open which in indicates the data transfer rate and installation progress of add-on.add-on installation progress
When this add-on installer finishes the installation process it will ask you to Restart the web browser. Click on the Restart button, it will restart Firefox for proper working of add-on.firefox restarts after installation of add-onNote: In Firefox 4 there is no need to restart the browser, newly installed add-on works fine without restarting browser.
Now check the added functionality of Firefox by this newly installed add-on.
From Firefox browser window:
For installing Firefox add-ons from within browsers window check out my other tutorial on How to install Firefox add-on from browsers window.
Let me know your (right) way to install Firefox add-ons and things to remember when installing an add-on from Mozilla website.