Facebook+ 17 Other Chatboxes On Ubuntu 10.10 Through Empathy Messaging

Linux In earlier ubuntu version 10.04, if you want to facebook chat then you need to install facebook chat for pidgin plugin. But ubuntu 10.10 [ Maverick Meerkat] is providing a very simple, interesting and useful appliaction- Empahty internet Messaging.
With Empathy you can chat with people who use Google talk, Facebook , Windows live, Myspace, Yahoo And many other chat programs. You can also have video and audio chat. Continue reading

Top 10 Facebook Games for October 2010

Facebook is most popular social network available on the internet now. More than 60 Million of users worldwide uses this service to connect their family, friends or other people’s. But actually, Facebook is more than just meeting with your old friends or family members. In database it have many available applications and games which you can play and use completely free. Continue reading

Facebook vs Google: Hitting Where it Hurts?

Web Google’s buzz failed to take the fizz out of Facebook, but the two companies are reportedly at war with each other. Facebook is now challenging arguably the best free mail service today -Gmail. Facebook isn’t calling its new Messaging tool an out-and-out competitor to email, but its aim is clear. He calls it a new way for the world to communicate via the Facebook messaging tool. Continue reading

Install Firefox Add-ons from browsers window

Browsers Firefox is always the first choice of Web developers and Bloggers because of its great collection of freely available Add-ons. Firefox users can download and install these add-ons from Mozilla website or from within browsers window. For installing Firefox add-ons from Mozilla website you can follow my earlier tutorial on “Right way to install Firefox add-on from Mozilla website“. Continue reading