Nvidia Installation And Customization Guide on Ubuntu 10.10

Linux Ubuntu 10.10 is better in graphics comparatively older versions. It doesn’t include graphic card driver in default installation. But you can install that manually, without help of CD/DVD or any removable disk. Ubuntu 10.10 provides Additional Driver as a software tool that configure third party and proprietary drivers automatically by single click. To install Nvidia Driver for better Desktop display follow these easy steps :


Go to System >> Administration >>Additional Drivers.
Now it will search for Available Drivers.
See below their status “This driver is not activated” then click on Activate to install.
Authenticate your password and proceed.
After this Downloading and Installation will start.
You can also install through Ubuntu Software Center.
Go to Applications >>Ubuntu Software Center
Select Get software in left window panel and search Nvidia.
Now Install the latest version of Nvidia.
Customization :

Go to System >> Administartion >> Nvidia X Server Settings.
Select X Server Display Configuration to Change Resolution, Refresh Rate.
Select X Server Color Correction to customize color settings.
You can Customize all settings according your needs.

Hope this will helpful for you, for any query or help post comments.