Nautilus Share: A Quick And Easy Way To Share Folder On Ubuntu 10.10

Linux I wrote an post about the shared folder application, in which we share a folder using Terminal command line. But here I am writing about Nautilus application, which is better than Shared folder application.

To use nautilus Appplication follow these seay steps:


  1. Right click the folder you wish to share and select Sharing Options on the popup menu.
  2. Check Share this folder in the Folder Sharing window. You may change the Share name field if you want to use a different share name.
  3. You may receive a message which says Sharing services are not installed. If this happens, ensure that the two checkboxes in the message box are checked and press Install services. Sharing service support will then be downloaded and installed; this may take a while.
  4. Select Allow other people to write in this folder if you wish to allow others to add, change, and remove files in this folder. If you leave this box unchecked, other people will only be able to view files in this folder. You may also fill in the Comment field.
  5. Select Guest access (for people without a user account) if you wish to allow guest users to access your files.
  6. Press Create share to make the shared folder available.
  7. You may receive a message stating that Nautilus needs to add some permissions to the folder in order to share it. If this happens, press Add the permissions automatically.
  8. Other people on the same network (LAN) as you should now be able to access the folder.
  9. A message may come to says You do not have permission to create a usershare. If this happens, configure the Folder sharing service (samba).

Your  firewall may create problems or show a message to allow this sharing Application. In earlier post I have written about the customization of Ubuntu firewall.

Hope this will helpful for you, for any query or help post comments.

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Sigh June 20, 2011 at 2:51 AM

This doesn’t work. Why does Ubuntu suck so much?


wynn July 6, 2011 at 2:26 PM

Hi Rahul
can you tell me how i access the folder on other machines [guest machine] (with screen shots)?
both machine are Ubuntu


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