March of the Android: This Mobile OS is All Set to Conquer Newer Heights

With over 850, 000 devices activations taking place daily, the Android as a mobile OS is becoming extremely popular. Moreover, with some of the best Android devices ready to hit the market, there is no doubt that the mobile OS’s popularity will continue going northwards.

With all this talk of Apple and its billions, or is it a trillion now, and the way the iPhones and iPads are selling like hotcakes, we keep forgetting that there is another big player in the field. This player is the Android and its users are also increasing day-by-day. It’s giving a really tough fight to the iOS with over 850,000 Android devices being activated daily.

Yes, you heard that right and don’t take my word for it, go through (Larry Page Letter). There is absolutely no doubt that the Android OS is marching ahead and this march is not going to stop. With a network of over 300 carriers and 55 manufacturers, Android is all set to rule the roost for a long time to come.

As can be imagined, more than eight hundred thousand activations every day is a big number indeed and it tells industry watchers just one thing – It’s a battle between the iOS and the Android now and may the best man win. All other mobile OS have fallen by the wayside, and are trying hard to play catch up, but failing to do so.

So, as things stand today, its battle royal between the iOS and the Android; and with the HTC and Samsung planning to release their cutting edge devices any time soon, there is every chance that the Android will better these activation numbers. Industry watchers, experts and the man on the street are already gung-ho about the HTC One Line, that has just been launched. While there is no official announcement of Samsung’s Galaxy S 3, there are all chances that even this device, whenever it does come out, will become a blockbuster. Even LG and Sony are readying devices that plan to take mobile technology to the next level. All these developments are set to take the popularity of the Android and its use, to stratospheric levels.

The stage is all set for the release of some very powerful devices that are going to contribute towards the already skyrocketing popularity of the Android and take it to stratospheric levels. More importantly, what all this competition on the market will do is that it might just bring down the costs of some of the high end Android devices already available on the market. This will also contribute towards the surge in popularity of the Android.

So, it looks like its Android all the way, but in the world of technology, especially of the mobile variety, nothing is a given. So, let’s see how things pan out. But one thing’s certain; it will take a whole lot of effort and then some more, to compete against the Android.

Author Bio: Alicia Carter is working with “Perceptive Mobile Apps”, a leading Mobile Application Development Company. She has extensive experience of working on the Android and iOS platforms; and loves to keep updated about the latest news and developments happening in the world of Android and iOS. She loves writing about and sharing her ideas about the various aspects of these platforms, with other like-minded people.