Install Firefox Add-ons from browsers window

Browsers Firefox is always the first choice of Web developers and Bloggers because of its great collection of freely available Add-ons. Firefox users can download and install these add-ons from Mozilla website or from within browsers window. For installing Firefox add-ons from Mozilla website you can follow my earlier tutorial on “Right way to install Firefox add-on from Mozilla website“.

To install Add-ons from within Firefox window follow these steps:

Navigate to Tools section of Menu bar and choose Add-ons from it.Firefox addon tools
If you know the name of particular add-on then type it in Search box and hit Enter. Otherwise Browse it on Mozilla website by clicking on the link next to Search box i.e. ‘Browse all Add-ons’.Search add-on for firefox
Firefox Add-on search window will immediately search for your input from Mozilla’s Add-on directory for Firefox. Inspect the results, if you found the exact add-on you are looking for press ‘Add to Firefox‘ button next to add-on list.add firefox addon
After hitting Add to Firefox button, a pop-up window will open, which shows a 5 second timer and installation information about that add-on. Click on ‘Install‘ button to install the add-on.
Follow the installation steps. After completing installation process, Firefox will need to Restart. Hit restart option and Firefox will complete installation and starts again. Apart from your previous opened Tabs/windows, a new tab will open with information about successful installation and some tips and tricks about that add-on.

Now what?

Now check the Options and settings of this newly installed add-on and configure them with your needs.
Search for other add-ons from Firefox add-on gallery on Mozilla website, install them and have fun.