Identify Software on Websites You Visit

Firefox Everyday I visit hundreds of websites, some of them are eye-catching in sense of their usability, Graphical interface or functionality. As a Web designer and Blogger, it is helpful for me to identify the softwares, CMS used by that website or blog. Here’s an Add-on for Firefox web browser to solve your problem. Wappalyzer, which informs you about CMS, softwares, UI technologies used by websites you browse in your browser.


Wappalyzer is an Add-on for Firefox that uncovers the technologies used on websites. It detects CMS and e-commerce systems, message boards, JavaScript, analytical tools and many more.
After installation in Firefox it provides various customizable settings to use its features.

You can choose its Display icon in Status bar or in Address bar after website URL.
Also you can manage its automatic detection to make it in manual way after clicking on Wappalyzer icon.
If you want to track only selected CMS’s or web technologies used by websites, you can manage it in Categories menu option within Wappalyzer settings.
Apart from add-on feature, Wappalyzer website collects information about web-based softwares to creat publically available statistics, revealing their growth over time and popularity compare to others.

Wappalyzer identifies website softwares

What Wappalyzer can Track?

There are now 71 web applications that can be detected by Wappalyzer. It categorizes the type of web technologies used on websites. Some of the categories are listed below:

Comment systems
Database managers
Font scripts
Hosting panels like cPanel
JavaScript Frameworks
Message Boards
Photo galleries
Video Players
Web frameworks
Wikis and lot more…..
Now What?

To install Wappalyzer in Firefox follow our tutorial on how to install Firefox add-ons in right way.

Link to Download: Wappalyzer

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