How to setup Proxpn on Apple TV

Apple TV has a lot to offer premium TV viewers, if the mainstream channels on your cable are just not good enough for you, what with all the repeats and movies from the last decade being everything they air. The best way to experience Apple TV to the fullest is through installing a VPN to stay safe and have unlimited access to streaming services at peak possible bandwidths.


Proxpn is the choice VPN for many such viewers in and outside of the USA. It comes with a lot of attractive features and a very easy to use interface that you won’t want to ever connect to an internet connection without. It is very cheap, especially when you are using a Proxpn coupon code to check out.

  • Allows users outside of the USA to access the same content as those inside,
  • Protects your traffic from eavesdropping,
  • Hides your location whenever you want to use the internet.

With these services defining the difference between great TV experience and overall internet safety compared to using direct connections, there is no reason why you should be using a direct connection anymore.

Sadly the process for implementing a VPN for the Apple TV is not as easy as that for setting up other Apple devices on Proxpn. This is because while the IOS devices we have become accustomed to have the windows that allow users to insert the various host locations they want to be access data from, the Apple TV just doesn’t have that. Luckily there are always ways to get around situations like that. For the Proxpn, you will have to connect the Apple TV to a network already configured to the server you want through a router or a computer then use the Ethernet connection cable to use the Proxpn secured network full of the services you love.


Here is how you go about setting up Proxpn

A. Setting up Proxpn on your windows PC

After purchasing the Proxpn service that you like, go to the adapter settings in the control panel by quickly opening the control panel and searching for adapter settings. The next step is setting your computer to allow other devices connected to it either by wireless connection or via cable to access the internet through your active connections. Once you find the connection that you have configured using the user friendly wizard on the Proxpn interface, you are good to go. Connecting your Apple TV via the connection method you specified to access the internet will pass on the Proxpn benefits to it.

B. Connecting Proxpn via Mac OSX

With the Proxpn configured on your Mac, make sure to share connections through the Airdrop feature that comes with all Macs. In the systems preferences hood, select the option to share your connections, you will then get the various connectionports through which you can share your computer’s internet connection, pick the Ethernet option if you are going to cable the devices together and save the settings.

These two methods are used worldwide by users to stream the US Netflix service, to connect their gaming consoles to US and Asian Networks and many other features that make Proxpn absolutely valuable.