How to Set up VyprVPN for QNAP

How do I install a VPN on QNAP NAS gadgets?

QNAP is a standard network appliance supplier that provides advanced NAS features for the home and business. NAS stands for network linked storage, and NAS gadgets are dedicated file storage gadgets which can serve files to users on the network. Since a NAS gadget is linked to your network, users are capable to simply access file from a central place. With a VPN worked on your QNAP NAS gadget, all traffic will be drive over the VPN set-up so your files remain secure and private. With a QNAP NAS VPN, for example VyprVPN, you will have right of entry to access to VyprVPN over seven hundred server places internationally with several protocols to select from. These protocols contain OpenVPN PPTP and 256-bit.

  • Register for a VPN site. VyprVPN is a highly-protected and fast, with no 3rd parties.
  • Go after the instructions for using VyprVPN on your QNAP gadget.
  • Launch the application and sign in with your official documents
  • Choose your server place and VPN protocol, then click link
  • An additional layer of security and privacy is now activated for your QNAP NAS gadget.

How to register for VyprVPN from your QNAP

If you don’t have an account for VyprVPN yet, you can register within the VPN application on your QNAP. Follow the easy steps below to get begun.

  1. First, download VyprVPN for QNAP on your gadget.
  2. Use a VyprVPN coupon code when you are buying service from VyprVPN.
  3. Once the application is installed, start it and you will view long display.
  4. Push on register for free below the sign in button.
  5. You will be moved to a latest browse tab that provides a unique edition of VyprVPN free package for QNAP customers. This plan provides 1GB of data usage, with the option to improve once you have used up your data.
  6. If you favor a three day unlimited data trail, you can click the link below the password and email address filed that says, “Need unlimited data? View our best plans get twenty five percent off”.
  7. If you select the unlimited package option, you will be moved to a fresh sign up page where you can start a three day trail for any package you select. You will get a QNAP unique promotion of twenty five percent off any annual plan.
  8. Complete the register process
  9. Start using this VPN on your QNAP.