How to integrate twitter and tools with wordpress blog

Over the years, twitter has grown to a much higher level and now one can’t imagine blogging without spreading the word about the same via twitter. So, let’s check out the ways with which you can integrate the twitter with the WordPress blog so that you don’t have to manually add up to the blog every time to the twitter so that the blog is tweeted. So, let’s check out on what are the ways with which you can easily integrate the twitter with the WordPress easily. You can choose any one of the below mentioned free integration tools with your WordPress blog.

Tweet Suite

If you are already using some sort of plugin for the WordPress then now the time has come to stop using that as an all new tweet suite has arrived wherein all your tweets are added in the server-side itself, so if someone tweets about your post, it adds it to the list. Users get to re tweet any of the tweet backs, or can click on the ‘tweet this’ button to announce your post in their twitter feed. The “Tweet this” button is completely automated, with title truncating and URL shortening so the user doesn’t have to do anything but click on the update button. There also displays the widget on the side bar which shows the most tweeted article.

Twitter Counter

twitter counter
It’s sure that you must be surely making the use of RSS feed readers but since twitter is the new social kid which too needs some attention. Actually with the help of tweets and retweets, its sure and clear that most of the people will read the tweets and will come to see the blogs on what it is as all thanks to the curiosity factor which creeps in to the users of twitter. With the help of twitter counter, you will be integrating all the twitter counter badges in the WordPress blog. Basically, this plugin is same that of the HTML code generated by twitter counter, so the plugin is basically the site’s code by which you get the counter automatically.

AutoLink to Username

This is one of the simplest plugin tools which automatically link in the @username of the post directly to the twitter account. So if you want to insert the @twitter and it will link to that to without any user interaction. So, basically it gives the recognition which it receives and you can easily bridge the gap between the blogs and the twitter. This auto link service is a very useful service and is a sure pick of the twitter cum bloggers.

autolink to username

Twitter Split

Many times people who use twitter, sends out many big links to their followers. So, you can now give an all new dimension to it, as these links most of the times doesn’t point to the site so other creating the good name among the followers, it offers nothing for your blog, so share some interesting links as well as to make sure that your blog gets something out of this twitter split comes out with an interesting concept wherein this one embeds to the external package which is at the inside of the URL and the user intends to see the intended page which is shown at the top part of the screen and teases them to click on the page which is shown which in turn increases the visitors of the site and which in short increases the traffic. This platform is really helpful for those who is a newbie and wants to promote their blog.