How-to Create Disk Partition On Ubuntu 10.10

Linux Most of the Peoples make the partitions of their hard disk in Windows, and use each partition to collection of specific stuff like software, songs and games. But some of Ubuntu users don’t know how they can create a partition and freeing the disk space. I wrote an article to keep computer safe on Ubuntu and found a question as comment about the disk partition on Ubuntu. Now I am writing the solution of that question and if you want to create a disk partition or freeing space for a new partition then follow these easy steps.

Create Disk Partition On  Ubuntu

  • First open terminal (Ctrl+Alt+t).
  • Install GNOME partition editor (sudo apt-get install gparted).
  • Now open it (System > Administration > Gparted partition editor). It may take several minutes.


Be careful, it is possible to lose your data if you delete or change the wrong partition.

Freeing Disk Space For New Partition

  • Select the device from the drop-down list at top right of window.
  • Now right-click on desired partition and choose Unmount.
  • To resize the partition choose Resize/Move. The dialog Resize/Move will be shown. You can use the Free Space Following (MiB) box to choose how much space to free after this partition, or Free Space Preceding (MiB) to free space before this partition.
  • Click Resize/Move to apply changes.


Create a New Partition

  • Select the device from the drop-down list at top right of window.
  • Right click on Unallocated partition and select New.
  • Choose the desired type of file system to use and click Add.
  • Click Apply to apply changes.


Hope this will helpful for you for any query or help drop comments. Your comments are very helpful for us, please give your feedback.

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