Guide to New Smartphone Apps

Today, there seems to be a smartphone app for every daily task you need to accomplish, making it possible for you to take advantage of all the services that the Internet has to offer no matter where you are.

New smartphone apps are constantly appearing and being made available for download. Most are free of charge, while others require a small fee to use. Apps that save you money, financial apps and game apps are some of the most popular.

Apps that save you money

Many smartphone apps are devised with the goal of saving you money. Receipt organizers can scan in your purchase receipts and catalogue them. It can even use the data gathered to chart your purchase over time and show how much you spend at specific stores.

Buying gadgets to save yourself time can mean spending a lot of money, but many smartphone apps can do this jobs for free or a fraction of the cost. A great example is a GPS app. Most vehicles have built-in Satellite navigation available for extra cost to the buyer, but downloading a GPS app on to your smartphone does exactly the same job and can work in a wider area, making that driving holiday less expensive and safer.

Financial apps

Smartphones have become as much a part of the business ensemble as briefcases and power-suits, and users are understandably big fans of the convenient and useful apps catering to this demographic.

You cannot always be in your office or on your computer, so being able to access your business documents and software is extremely important. Many new apps allow the user access to spreadsheets and presentations without having to be near a computer terminal at all.

One of the latest apps for smartphones makes it easier for people interested in purchasing stocks. With this new app, you can scan the UPC bar code of any product and find out what company makes it, any stock information available and even buy stock right from your phone.

Game apps

Gaming apps are the most popular type of app downloaded to smartphones with a wide variety of traditional games available. In fact, apps are making many of these so-called old-fashioned games, such as chess, checkers and scrabble, more appealing to a younger generation of players.

Casino gaming apps are also extremely popular and, for many people, have allowed them to pursue their passion from anywhere. Online casinos allow beginning players to learn how to play all of the traditional casino table games, such as blackjack, poker and roulette, without having to spend any money. When you’re ready to ante up, casino gaming apps facilitate that, too, allowing you to play slots and other online games for cash and prizes. Some casino apps also offer more unusual gambling, including betting on horseracing and other sports, lotteries, keno and bingo.

One of the biggest developments with casino apps is the ability for the apps to sync with a real brick-and-mortar casino nearby, so you can literally play in real-time on your way to or from work, while waiting in line at the store, or right from the comfort of your own home.