Google’s Nexus 7: Big Threat to iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook & Microsoft Surface

At Google’s yearly developer conference I/O, search engine giant announced its 7-inch tablet – Nexus 7. This tablet is the biggest thread for Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet. Both devices have same price i.e. $199 but Google Nexus 7 is far batter than Kindle Fire in every aspect. Nexus 7 has very powerful quad-core processor where Kindle lags. Amazon is also preparing next version of Kindle tablet series but till then Google will reach in millions of users hand.

Google is best known for its web search service and gains most of its revenue from advertising services (AdWords and AdSense). But in recent years Google spread its wings in smartphone/tablet software, renewable energy sources, self-driving car and other ground businesses. Google partnered with Taiwan’s electronics hardware manufacturer Asus to bring Nexus 7 Tablet in reality. Google’s Nexus 7 will run on the latest version of Android operating system, Android 4.1 aka “Jelly Bean“. This Android’s latest version will run more smoothly than its predecessors with some other software improvements.

There are also some short comes for Nexus 7. It has only 5.92GB free memory and no micro SD card slot, main reason to not buy it. Another main hardware lack is the only front-facing camera, no rear camera to capture images. Google made these hardware limitations to cut some price but these factors surely effect their sale.

Nexus 7 is surely a big thread to Kindle Fire, Nook tablet and Microsoft’s Surface but fight and win with Apple’s iPad is beyond its limits. The main reason behind iPad success is, no one has offered more feature-rich in terms of software and hardware. Microsoft’s Surface is still in manufacturing phase and yet to be released to the world. So its time to worry for Amazon and good time for consumers, as more competition in tablet field surely give benefit to them.