Getting a Break in Graphic Design Work

Even though your designs are amazing, you may still find it difficult to break into a career as a graphic designer. There are two key components to landing a job in this field. The first is your own skill, including your interests, strengths and education. The second is knowing who to talk to or network with. Master these two steps and you will be well on your way to your first or next graphic design position.

What Education do You Need?

To better hone your craft, college is often necessary. You are able to learn tricks you may not have learned otherwise, and you are able to work with graphic design software you might not own yourself. This provides you with the wider skill set employers are looking for. Colleges in Miami offer excellent graphic design programs. From two to four-year degrees, any proof of graphic design education helps you to appear more professional to employers. Most colleges in Miami allow you to major in graphic design or you can stick with a general Arts and Humanities or Computer Science degree with a focus or minor in graphic design.

Preparing for a Job

The next step any graphic designer must take is to prepare for a job. Take the time to carefully prepare a portfolio of your best work. This can be a physical or digital portfolio, but it should be something employers can easily view. If you decide to go to college, take a course on creating and organizing a portfolio and preparing for an interview. Both help immensely in making you stand out from other candidates.

Decide exactly what you want to do. There is no reason to contact employers or companies that do not meet your own interests. Prepare a list of companies that hire graphic designers with your interests and skill set. For instance, if you have no interest in advertising, don’t apply to companies only interested in ad work.

Networking and Contacts

Colleges in Miami offer a great chance to network with professors, counselors and other students. All of these contacts can help you locate the best opportunities. Most colleges even offer job placement assistance, including perfecting your resume and finding the right person to contact to get an interview. When contacting a company yourself, direct your query to the Human Resources department or the head of the graphic design department. Both will be able to schedule an interview.

Other Ways to Get Into Graphic Design

There are ways to break into graphic design work without college contacts or cold calling. Market yourself by creating a blog of your best work. Check graphic design and freelance job boards frequently. Apply for the jobs that interest you. Impressing a client often means repeat work and an excellent reference for future positions. Offer your services in classifieds and forums as well. You may have to start small, but you will build a client base with hard work and dedication.