Facebook vs Google: Hitting Where it Hurts?

Web Google’s buzz failed to take the fizz out of Facebook, but the two companies are reportedly at war with each other. Facebook is now challenging arguably the best free mail service today -Gmail. Facebook isn’t calling its new Messaging tool an out-and-out competitor to email, but its aim is clear. He calls it a new way for the world to communicate via the Facebook messaging tool.

You can now send messages to email addresses, not just to other Facebook friends. You can also use Facebook to receive email from outside. Facebook regulars know that you can already get updates, post and links via mail. In fact one way users in china are still connected to Facebook is via email alerts and response.

Having an all-encompassing messaging service is a natural extension for the new web giant. Whether it will replace email as we know it, depends on a lot of factors, including our comforts with Facebook’s history of privacy violations. After all, email is still a very private medium and while your mails will not be visible to friends, doubt remains as Facebook’s suitability for mail concerning bank account details and other high risk private.