Facebook+ 17 Other Chatboxes On Ubuntu 10.10 Through Empathy Messaging

Linux In earlier ubuntu version 10.04, if you want to facebook chat then you need to install facebook chat for pidgin plugin. But ubuntu 10.10 [ Maverick Meerkat] is providing a very simple, interesting and useful appliaction- Empahty internet Messaging.
With Empathy you can chat with people who use Google talk, Facebook , Windows live, Myspace, Yahoo And many other chat programs. You can also have video and audio chat.

To use this facility follow these steps :

Go to leftmost in top panel and open Application >> Internert >> Empahty Inernet Messaging.

Now select chat account you have.
login username and password and forward.

A new chat window will open to chat, and a notification icon show in top panel.

Now chats with your friends with your choice chatbox – Facebook, google talk etc….

Hope this will helpful for you for any query or help post comments.