Do You Hate Google’s New Navigation? Change it Now

Google is changing navigation bar for almost all of its web products. Actually, Google is re-designing all of its websites UI to make them look same. Some webmaster and user criticizes this makeover. People hate the new Google Home Page navigation because they are not using all the products in navigation bar.

Google facilitate its users to customize its product to their needs. You can synchronize Chrome Browser settings to your Google account, so that your settings will go on every computer you use using your Chrome account. But what about this new navigation. There is a good news for you that you can change or reorder Google Home Page navigation bar, at least in Google Chrome browser. Big G Black Bar Sorter is the Chrome extension that helps you to customize the order of the options in the new redesigned Google black bar. Use of this extension is very simple, you just need to drag and drop the links, that’s it. Follow these simple steps:

In Chrome web browser go to Google Extensions website and search for ‘Big G Black Bar Sorter’ extension or just click this .
Now click ‘Add to Chrome’ button on the extension details page.
Big G Balck Bar Chrome Extension

Google Chrome now checks for your installed extensions and Chrome version to check compatibility issue, if any. If everything found fine than a new popup will appeared confirm new extension installation. Click Add to finalize the process.Add chrome Browser Extension
Chrome Browser now download and install this extension. After complete installation you can see a popup notification in top-right side of browser window.
Installation done! Now you can reorder the black navigation bar on Google Home Page. Just drag-and-drop links on navigation bar to rearrange.Reorder Google navigation bar
If you want to remove a link, than click on More link and drag link from black-bar into it. And if you want to add any link from More dropdown menu, use drag-and-drop.

This extension works on,,,, and If this extension won’t work on your country-specific Google home page, try to open in your browser. For now it does not work on apps accounts. This is because Google won’t allow customization to is all services.