Diverse Features of Facebook Application Development

Facebook can boast of 6 million accounts that are active and thus without any doubt it can be regarded to be the most accepted and popular social networking website. It’s a great option, to remain connected with friends as well as other close acquaintances. Facebook allows you to upload and share photographs or pictures, play fascinating games and participate in quizzes. Apart from these, Facebook offers a host of other options as well.

As per the record book of Facebook, 20 million Facebook applications are installed on each new day. It refers to the web applications that are integrated into the platform of Facebook. To put in another way words, the Facebook applications are the web applications that are uploaded in accordance with the context of this website and it can be also referred to as ‘Canvas Page’. Any user can create this application, with the help of the tool chain or any kind of language that provides full support to the web programming, like Java or C#, Python and PHP.

There are several applications related to it, which can be connected with the home page for use on a regular day-to-day basis.

Facebook Application Types:

Quote Applications: The Simpson, Famous Christian Quotes, Shakespeare, Mark Twain and The Bible.

List Applications: You can make a list of the books that have been read and can keep up a record of the books under the category of ‘Want to Read’ and also give a rating to the books. For the Movies, also you can do a similar thing, that is you can keep a record of the movies under the category of Wish to See Movies or you can opt for a category name of your choice, watch and rate movies. As far as music is concerned, you can record album songs or albums as well as your favorite band albums or band songs.

Games Applications: Traveller IQ Challenge, Martypants (Trivia), Rock Paper Scissors, Petrolhead (acquire the maximum points possible for the purpose of trading your car with the desire for a new and better model), Hangman, Neverending Movie Quiz, Traveller IQ Challenge and Sudoku.

Friendship Applications: Funwall to post or upload photos or to draw pictures so that your family or friends can view it, Superlatives to make it easy for your friends to know your areas of excellence or your unique activities, Gifts application for the choosing of the perfect gift for your near and dear ones, which would display itself in just 4 days time, Superpoke for the sending of hugs or a high-five to let your close ones know that you have thought about them, Photos to create photo albums and Internet email to for the mailing of a text , a way to remain in touch with the other users of the Facebook account.

The developers of Facebook Applications should be well versed with all its aspects so that its use becomes a hassle free affair. The developers can also acquire knowledge via the websites or the web pages that offer detail information on this or can undergo proper training for this purpose.