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Ultra Thin iPhone5 With 4G

A little iPhone 5 love to go with your Sunday morning coffee, anyone? If you answered yes… read on!

Concept designs and rumors are something that go hand-in-hand with upcoming generations of anticipated gadgetry…. especially when it comes to our beloved mobile devices. Case-in-point this morning, a new iPhone 5 design concept I stumbled across. Yes, it’s September 2010, and I’ve already spotted a next-gen concept. Continue reading

Google Plus is Now Open For World

After three months of field trial, Google’s social network Plus is now offer open sign ups. People do not need any invitation to join Google Plus network. In this period of about 90 days they made around 100 feature implementation and enhancements. These features bring nuance and richness of real-life sharing. Continue reading

The Internet in Ten Years Time – What Might be Possible?

Compared to just a few short years ago, the internet is a very different place right now with speedier connectivity gradually transforming the way we use it. So what of the future for the Internet when we get to, say, 2020? We’re already seeing things being done very differently by people, with watching catch-up TV and streaming movies becoming one of the most popular pastimes. Continue reading