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iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS: A Comparison

Apple revolutionised mobile phone manufacturing industry by launching its smart phone named iPhone in 2007. Apple iPhone 4S is its newest and most powerful smart phone till date. The new smart phone looksexactly like the iPhone 4, but all new inside with upgraded features. With A5 processor chip with dual core, 8 MP camera and new voice command assistance feature, Siri, iPhone 4S is ready to boost Apple’s smart phone market share. Continue reading

How to Easily Record iPhone Calls?

Are you a worried parent of a child who is being contacted every day in his/her iPhone? Or are you an employer who doubts the honesty of an employee who might be leaking your business information through his iPhone? Or are you troubled by your partner’s frequent meetings with an unrecognized person at different times of the day without telling you? If you fall in any of the above categories, you can definitely find a way now with which you can clear your doubts. If you are wondering whether you can record iPhone calls, you do not have to as there exist simpler ways to do so. Continue reading