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How to Set up VyprVPN for QNAP

How do I install a VPN on QNAP NAS gadgets?

QNAP is a standard network appliance supplier that provides advanced NAS features for the home and business. NAS stands for network linked storage, and NAS gadgets are dedicated file storage gadgets which can serve files to users on the network. Since a NAS gadget is linked to your network, users are capable to simply access file from a central place. Continue reading

Google’s Nexus 7: Big Threat to iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook & Microsoft Surface

At Google’s yearly developer conference I/O, search engine giant announced its 7-inch tablet – Nexus 7. This tablet is the biggest thread for Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet. Both devices have same price i.e. $199 but Google Nexus 7 is far batter than Kindle Fire in every aspect. Nexus 7 has very powerful quad-core processor where Kindle lags. Amazon is also preparing next version of Kindle tablet series but till then Google will reach in millions of users hand. Continue reading