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Enable Facebook Timeline In a Minute

Everybody knows that Facebook is going to revamp. At Facebook developers meet F8, they shows a totally different look of social media. Every thing is now on a singe page from born to real-time (now). They scheduled to launch this new Facebook face on 30 September worldwide. Till date day this is open for developers. Continue reading

Diverse Features of Facebook Application Development

Facebook can boast of 6 million accounts that are active and thus without any doubt it can be regarded to be the most accepted and popular social networking website. It’s a great option, to remain connected with friends as well as other close acquaintances. Facebook allows you to upload and share photographs or pictures, play fascinating games and participate in quizzes. Apart from these, Facebook offers a host of other options as well. Continue reading

How to Skyrocket the Visibility of your Blog through Facebook

There are hundreds and one way you could build a solid traffic for your blog and make your blog visible to your readers but the right approach to go about this is not always clear to bloggers, most especially the beginners. Though you may be familiar with so many approaches, like; answering to comment on other blogs, contributing as a blog on a forum site and the most killer approach; guest posting on other blogs of your niche, and so on. But there is one approach I dint made mention, and that’s the use of social media site like the Facebook. Continue reading