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Identify Software on Websites You Visit

Firefox Everyday I visit hundreds of websites, some of them are eye-catching in sense of their usability, Graphical interface or functionality. As a Web designer and Blogger, it is helpful for me to identify the softwares, CMS used by that website or blog. Here’s an Add-on for Firefox web browser to solve your problem. Wappalyzer, which informs you about CMS, softwares, UI technologies used by websites you browse in your browser. Continue reading

Right Way to Install Firefox Add-ons from Mozilla Website

Browsers Mozilla Firefox is one of the best and fastest growing web browser in market. Apart from faster browsing speed, highly secure platform, Firefox is widely used for its Add-ons support. Among web developers and bloggers community, Firefox is always the first priority of web browser. The whole credit goes to its thousands of add-on support which are built for web developers, bookmarking, social-media addicts and lot more. Continue reading

Install Firefox Add-ons from browsers window

Browsers Firefox is always the first choice of Web developers and Bloggers because of its great collection of freely available Add-ons. Firefox users can download and install these add-ons from Mozilla website or from within browsers window. For installing Firefox add-ons from Mozilla website you can follow my earlier tutorial on “Right way to install Firefox add-on from Mozilla website“. Continue reading