Beautify Gmail With ‘Custom Background Image Themes’

Google engineers always work hard to give users a personalized experience for its services. Now Gmail users can use and change themes, colors and background images of their inbox or they can create themes completely themself. You can choose one from more than 40 predefined themes. Some of the themes are location based, which changes their design as per weather conditions of that region. You can set your location (country and city) by using the link below themes gallery.

Creating Your Own Theme:

Follow these steps for creating you own customised themes.

Login to your Gmail account and go to ‘Themes tab‘ under Settings and select one from 40 predefined themes.
If you are a creative person and like to make your own color scheme with background image, then click on the ‘Creat your own theme‘ link after predefined themes.
A theme creator pop-up window will open which has ‘click and set‘ colour schemes for Background color, Text color, Link color and Background image (with align and tiling settings) and more.
create Gmail custom theme
For creating background (main background and footer background) images you have two options: using your Picasa web albums or upload from your computer. Choose any one of them, follow the instructions and hit select to theme background
After customizing all color and background settings, hit Save and changes are added to Gmail automatically.
Now select this newly created theme and enjoy your creativity.