7 reasons why Android OS is better than Symbian

The Android operating system for mobiles lately by Google has been one of the best competition to the established mobile phone OS now like the Apple’s iOS, Nokia’s Symbian etc. But Symbian being one of the oldest platforms, let’s see where Symbian is being hit by the Android OS –

android symbian

Change the defaults
Unlike Symbian, Apple’s IOS or any other operating system, Google’s Android comes with the power of customization which takes the customization into a whole new space wherein you can change the variables very easily with the help of many additional components which are available in either the Android Market Place or from different forums which are there which can be searched from different search engines. Right from different home screens to different widgets, you can make use of everything to change the defaults.

Also if you compare with the default browser then Android wins here too as the other browsers are very complex in algorithms which leads to slower internet experience and the touch experience along with the Pinch to zoom feature works exactly well with the Internet browser in a very crispy way. The Android browser also offers visual bookmarks, which is handy to get a peek at each webpage, and these are updated when you open them, too. The main reason on why the internet browser is faster is because the default browser is Google’s Chrome which is one of the fastest web browsers. So, here too Android wins over any other Internet browser.

Multiple Home Screens
While most of the Symbian phone’s doesn’t come with the multiple home screen capabilities, all the Android phones come with this capability but only a handful of Symbian phones which are powered with the latest Symbian 3 operating system come with multiple home screens like Nokia C7, Nokia N8 and Nokia E7 smart phones. All in all irrespective of any android version, you enjoy the benefit of multiple home screens on your phone. Basically, the multiple home screens come with the ability of adding many widgets.

With a huge list of applications in the market place, you get a perfect blend of choice and quantity as you can choose from your favorite application in the market. Adding to the convenience, you can also install the applications right at the comfort of desktop or also from Android Market Place. Additionally, if you compare with the Nokia then Android Market place has better set of applications. You can also install applications very easily and can also receive the updates whenever possible automatically as the updates are pushed directly to the phone. There are many applications which can be downloaded both from Android Market place as well as from other third-party websites.

Platform Updates
If you had a Nokia Phone then you can never change the base firmware, but with Google’s Android you can literally change the firmware the way you want it very easily but it may be risky at times. Also, the updates are very easy to install. Most Android-powered smartphones shipped with either v1.5 or v1.6 pre-installed, and nearly all of them have been officially slated for the newer v2.0+ upgrade. This is a big deal, and now that the Symbian source is free and open source, I wonder if we’ll start to see opportunities to update later handsets like the N97 Mini to Symbian^2.

On screen Keyboards
With hell lot of options in the On screen keyboards, you can choose the one very easily and also right from Gingerbread to Froyo to Swype to Honeycomb you can install any virtual keyboard of your style so that you can customize your phone the way you want. While the Symbian phones don’t have many customization options like installing different on-screen keyboards like Swype or any other. You can easily download different on-screen keyboards from the Android Market Place easily.