5 Best Mobile Web Browsers For Your Android Device

One of the many uses of mobile devices today is web browsing. For this purpose, there are many web browsers which are built to suit the mobile configurations. Let us take a look at some of the browsers which are the best for your Android devices.

Dolphin Browser HD

Dolphin Browser HD is a fast and fun-filled mobile web browser having amazing features and functionality. This unique browser which uses voice to search on the internet, share content on social media sites, bookmark and do much more. Also, you can use its Speed Dial feature to visit all your favorite sites without making any extra effort.

Apart from these, it consists of many other features which are definitely worth trying out. For instance, it gives you a lot of useful add-ons like Dolphin Reader, Softpedia.com RSS, Bookmark to SD, Dolphin.fm etc.

Android web browser apps

Opera Mobile

Opera mobile is an ideal browser for mobiles that have fast network connections. This sleek browser has a remarkable interface and allows you to use various gestures like pinch-to-zoom and smooth-panning to browse through the sites in an intuitive manner. Other than that, you can also synchronize bookmarks, speed dial, share the web content and do much more.

Google Chrome

A simple yet efficient browser, Google Chrome is just perfect for those of you who like to work smart on their browsers. You can use Chrome to browse sites at a lightning speed with accelerated page loading, scrolling and zooming capabilities.

Also, avail an easy-to-view stack using which, you can open and switch between any number of open tabs. To make things easier, Chrome allows you to send pages from the browser on the desktop to your mobile device with just one click and view them later, even if you are offline.

Firefox for Android

Firefox is already a well-known web browser for desktops and now it is available for various mobile devices as well. This browser gives you adequate security and privacy along with some of the most useful features that a mobile web browser can have.

Use it to browse your favorite websites with minimal or absolutely no typing at all, access your browser history, bookmarks or passwords and even open tabs from any device and customize it with ease. Also, you can have your share of fun too by dressing up the browser as per your choice, using different personas and get ‘location-aware browsing’ while you are on the move.

Maxthon Android Web Browser

Maxthon Android Web Browser offers many unique features that add to its popularity. For instance, you can sync bookmarks or favorites to the Cloud and browse the web using a full screen mode. Also, experience speedy web browsing and quickly access various sites with Maxthon and use intuitive ways to share content via various Social Media sites, Email, SMS etc.

Additionally, it lets you create touch screen commands and customize the browser with numerous collections of skins along with the creation of avatars for personalization. Do watch out for its Download manager as well, which helps you manage downloads by organizing them as per your convenience.

Try out all these web browsers and see which one of these works the best for you and use it to browse sites on your Android device.