10 of The Funniest Smartphone Apps

Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives; something we cannot do without and the wide variety of apps that have been designed to make our lives easier reflect this. However, there are also plenty of apps out there, which have been designed to inject a little humor into our lives. Here is our top ten, in no particular order.

Pocket God is the app that enables users to determine what type of God they would be if they were all powerful. The player is located on an island and rules the islanders, exercising the power of life or death over them. This app costs just 99 cents.
AgingBooth is an app that costs 99 cents and shows people what they might look like when they get older. Using a photo of the user, the image is aged, so we get to see what we look like with wrinkles. The end result is simply a guess and intended to be for entertainment only.
The Moron Test is a 99 cent app that challenges players to a number of tests to see if they can raise their intelligence level to genius. Challenge friends and laugh as they try to match your own scores.

BaldBooth is similar to AgingBooth, but shows the user what they might look like if they had no hair. Photos can be shared, if you are brave enough, via various social networking sites. This app costs just 99 cents.
Talking Lila the Fairy is a 99 cent app targeted at those who believe. The fairy sings and casts spells, which occasionally go wrong. The fairy can repeat phrases spoken to her and when tickled she giggles.
Talking Santa works in a similar way and those who want to make a good impression in the run-up to Christmas can give him milk and cookies! Also just 99 cents.
Interested in the paranormal? GhostRadar is a 99 cent app that runs sensors on the phone to determine if there is anything strange happening around the user. It has a voice that lets the user know if anything interesting is happening. There is no guarantee of accuracy, but this app could be a bit of fun on a spooky night out with friends.
Need a handy phrase or quote? 50,000 sayings are stored in this 99 cent app for iPhone. It features a text function, so funny sayings can be instantly passed on to family and friends.
Feeling a little stressed? Sack Dude is an interactive version of the stress ball. He can be smacked, set on fire, tickled or electrocuted, perfect for those who are having something of a rough day. Not bad for 99 cents…
FatBooth is is a 99 cent app ideal for those who really want to know what they might look like carrying a few extra pounds. Not that we all want to know this, but it could make the user feel much better about the way they look now.
This is just a small selection of what is currently available. Apps are ideal for shopping, checking out the latest weather forecasts and for anyone who enjoys online gaming. For an extra bit of fun why not take advantage of extras such as party casino bonus codes and play a few games online? Signing up is easy and you could be playing in minutes, perfect for people with a busy lifestyle.